Norman Conquest

The most famous year in English history.  1066.  When the Anglo-Saxon king Edward the Confessor dies, three rivals emerge to claim the throne.  England now faces invasion on two fronts and treachery from within.  The war that followed resulted in the downfall of Anglo-Saxon England, the end of the Viking age, and the beginning of a monarchy that is still in power today.     


When the heir to the English throne tragically dies in a shipwreck off the coast of France, the kingdom is thrown into chaos.  In his grief, King Henry I names his daughter Matilda as his heir, but when he dies his nephew Stephen seizes the crown for himself. The brutal war that ensued is remembered to history as the Anarchy.

Hundred Years War

The war that gave fame to names such as Edward III, Henry V, Edward the Black Prince, and Joan of Arc.  For over a century England and France were caught in a power struggle by two dynasties for the French crown, resulting in the fall of one of the most powerful families in history and the end of English rule on the European continent forever.

Wars of the Roses

On the heels of the Hundred Years War England plunged into civil war.  For over 30 years the country was thrown into chaos as rival factions of the Plantagenet dynasty tore each other apart to place themselves on the throne.  In the end a new family would rise from exile to become the most infamous dynasty in English history, the Tudors.  

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